Bay of Plenty Culture

The Bay of Plenty is located in the northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It has approximately 259 kilometers of coastline, and includes several islands located in the area, which is often called the Bay of Plenty Region. Bay of Plenty was named by explorer James Cook in 1769–70 when he was moving around New Zealand for the abundant resources and friendly people of the region.

Bay of Plenty is one of New Zealand's top tourist destinations for local Kiwis and international visitors. They offer a lot of activities, adventures, very beautiful sceneries, and their very colorful culture and rich history. The Bay of Plenty is one of the most historically significant regions in New Zealand. This is where some of the first Maori settlers of New Zealand landed in three of the seven original canoes.

The three canoes that landed in the Bay of Plenty were called Te Arawa, Takitimu and Mataatua. From these canoes the people of the Bay of Plenty's ancestors originated. The people from the Takitimu and Mataatua canoes settled in the western part of the area, while the Te Arawa established themselves in the eastern part of the region.

Maoris now make up 15 percent of New Zealand's population, and their rich culture and language are very evident in many aspects of the lives of Kiwis. Rich Maori culture includes traditional arts such as carving and weaving. Other very famous Maori arts are the moko (Maori tattoo), kapa haka (group performance), and whaikorero (oratory arts).

There are various markets and museums in the Bay of Plenty area that sell and feature traditional Maori art through the works of local artists. There are artists that are part of groups that hold regular exhibitions at a place called The Cargo Shed. The artists here work and display their arts and products during Saturdays and Sundays. The artists here are not only limited to traditional Maori art, but also to contemporary art, which can include carvings, paintings, jewelry, spinning, pottery and weaving.

Horticulture is one of the major economic sources of The Bay of Plenty area and is the center for New Zealand's kiwifruit industry. 37.7 percent of the area's agricultural produce are from more than 2,000 growers of kiwifruit in The Bay of Plenty region that supplies 80 per cent of New Zealand's exports of kiwifruit. The Bay of Plenty region with its semi-tropical climate, receives a lot of sunshine, very ample rainfall and very fertile soil makes agriculture one of the most vital employers in the region, with up to 10.3 per cent of its people employed in the agricultural sector.

Also very popular in The Bay of Plenty are numerous cafes situated in the very scenic beaches and waterfront areas. Places like the Main Beach in Mount Maunganui have many cafes doing good business. Maunganui Road, also in Mount Maunganui, and The Strand waterfront in Tauranga are other locations where people can enjoy their coffee or relax with their tea.