Bay Of Plenty NZ Scenic Attractions

New Zealand's The Bay of Plenty has always been a popular tourist destination for local residents and is now becoming well known to foreign visitors from around the world. True to its name, The Bay of Plenty region boasts of a very fantastic environment and offers a variety of activities to people who visit the region. The Bay of Plenty spans the northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, with approximately 259 kilometers of coastline. It also includes several islands surrounding the coastal bay. The major city of the region is Tauranga, which can be found at the foot of Mount Maunganui. The Bay of Plenty has a mild tropical climate the whole year, which helps them produce a number of agricultural products, mainly citrus fruits and kiwi, which is their number one produce.

Being at a very close location proximity to the sea, seafood is very abundant in the region and is a specialty. The Bay of Plenty also boasts of very scenic and clean beaches where tourists can do a lot of water related recreational activities year round like kayaking, kite surfing, surfing, snorkeling and swimming. Situated along the magnificent coastal locations are different hotels, lodges, motels and parks where people can stay and enjoy the beauty of The Bay of Plenty.

One of the main reasons why many people visit The Bay of Plenty region are the beaches. The region's beaches have a lot to offer to anyone looking for a great time and adventure. They can engage in a lot of activities in the clean waters, long stretches of sand, the safe and protected surf or they can just sit or lie down and relax to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The very popular Main Beach is a white sand beach located near Mount Maunganui. This is where most activities happen, and most people go. Many surfers visit the Main Beach since they can ride any kind of wave here.

An artificial surf reef is being constructed near Mount Maunganui's Tay Street. This will produce more magnificent waves that will definitely bring in more surfers to the area and other people since the artificial reef will also help protect the beach.

For people who want to experience more relaxed and serene beaches, they can visit Papamoa, Maketu and Waihi Beach.

The Bay of Plenty region also has parks and reserves that offer scenic and historic tracks or trails where visitors can walk and see local flora and fauna. They can also have picnics and other activities in the parks.

Located in Tauranga, McLaren Falls Park is one of the most visited parks in the region mainly because of its waterfall which serves as the entrance for kayak and white-water rafting adventures in the Wairoa River.

Other famous parks where people can do shorts walks and multi-day tramps are the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park, The Papamoa Hills Cultural Heritage Regional Park. The Te Puna Quarry Park, which can also be found in Tauranga, not only provides lot of trails, walks and vast species of plants, but also works of art on display.

There are also a number of islands found around The Bay of Plenty region that visitors can go to and enjoy various activities. Matakana Island is very popular among surfers with its 20 km stretch of surf. Since there are no accommodations on the island, only day visits are permitted. People who want to visit Matakana Islands can ride a barge either from Omokoroa or Sulphur Point in Tauranga.

Located 15 kilometers from The Bay of Plenty, Motiti Island is a very flat island which is mainly used for agriculture. There are private beaches that can be found here where people can enjoy the waters and enjoy the scenery as well.

Whakaari or White Island is the only active marine volcano found in New Zealand. People can go to the island to view nature at work, with natural steam pools, craters, and lava tunnels that have cooled down.

For those that want to visit a marine reserve, Mayor Island or Tuhua is a perfect place to walk around. Various species of fish and marine plants can be found in the area, although visitors must first secure a permit to visit from The Tuhua Trust Board since the island is privately owned.